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Technical features

In the Astra F GSi, some technical features were built in that did not exist in this form before. The Astra F GSi has been a test vehicle for new technologies at Opel several times.

ETC - Electronic Traction Control
In the Astra GSi 16V with the 150 hp 2.0i 16V engine (up to and including model year 1994) and also in the Astra Caravan 16V, an electronically controlled traction control was used for the first time. 17, 18
The wheel speeds are passed on to the ETC control unit using the ABS sensors that are standard ex works. If there is a difference between the front and rear wheels, the ETC uses a second throttle valve in the engine's intake system to reduce engine output to such an extent that the front wheels are prevented from spinning.
The aim should be to restore a stable driving condition with maximum traction by reducing the engine torque.
This system was later used in the Vectra A V6, among others. ETC was also used in the Omega B with V6 engines. Here then also in a further expansion stage as TC + from model year 1998, which even had an active brake intervention and was able to simulate a limited-slip differential. From here the way to the Electronic Stability Program ESP, as it is standard in almost all cars today, was not far.Power steering
The power steering on the Astra F GSi is also equipped with a special feature: centering. 17
This creates a rigid connection in the torsion bar of the power steering when driving straight ahead. Since this means that there is no power assistance, the steering works more precisely and therefore also more sportily. 

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